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At Prime Building Services installing windows is a specialty. We have many years of accumulated experience and with that many happy customers that we have helped with their window needs! We provide beautiful new windows and have an excellent reputation among homeowners, business owners, and commercial property managers for providing quality workmanship, affordable prices, and reliable window services.


When deciding to make a choice about whether or not to go with vinyl or wood replacement windows, it can be a tough decision to make. There are many factors involved when making such a purchase. You have to look at things such as color, design, efficiency, whether it be double-hung, single-hung, double-pane, or triple-pane glass. You want to take into consideration such things as the window trim detail in your home and overall architecture — and of course your budget!


Choosing replacement windows for your home entails having to choose between many different makes and brands of replacement windows. Choosing the right window and style, can dramatically enhance your curb appeal and energy efficiency! Upgrading your drafty windows for new replacement windows will not only save you time and money, but will look great for years to come. There are a number of benefits to replacing your windows in your home first being the flexibility in styles to choose from. With many window options to choose from, you can add more improved quality airflow and minimize or maximize the amount of light you want shining in. You can choose to have window inserts, grills, window screens, etc. Whatever the need might be, there’s a window that will suit your needs! There are many advantages to replacing your old worn out drafty windows — have a look below for some examples of why you should replace yours.