At Prime Home Improvements roofing is our specialty. We have many years of experience installing various kinds of roofs in Westchester County, White Plains and Bedford and have many satisfied customers. We provide beautiful new roofs and have an excellent reputation among homeowners in Westchester, NY, Fairfield County, CT and Northern New Jersey for providing quality workmanship, affordable prices, and reliable roofing services.

Interior Design

Our initial meeting is the most important throughout this process, as we ask a number of relevant questions to help us understand your primary goals for the project and determine your desired aesthetic. Above all, we want to ensure this is a perfect fit for everyone. Following this initial meeting, we will provide a design scope that outlines all of your project details, timeline and anticipated budget.

A design vision starts to unfold as concept meetings begin. We collaborate with you, the architect, and the builder to ensure clear communication and direction of all design details. Based on your feedback, the design is refined and selections are made for color palettes, fixtures, and interior finishes such as paint, flooring, cabinetry, and tile.

As design details are meticulously considered, our technical expertise shines. Computer drafting and 3D modeling bring a project to life. Customized specification documents are created at this phase for implementation in the field. Etch then begins placing orders for all furniture, fabrics and decorative lighting, while custom details are being executed

The design now starts to become a reality! This phase always has exciting moments, as progress takes place at the job site. We oversee design implementation and address any concerns in the field. Upon construction completion, we begin to install furnishings and accessories, while you sit back and relax